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Human Matrix Kft.
Human Matrix Kft.

Kód: 1389

  • Electrical / mechanical engineer / Bsc or Mcs in economics
  • 3-5 years Management experience, Lean Manufacturing or similar concepts in production and close to production areas (maintenance, repair, logistics)
  • Good Command of the English language
  • Extensive Lean knowledge which includes 5S, SFM and SMED methods
  • Supports budget-, personnel- and investment planning on the basis of long-term department planning. Prepares long-term shift and staffing plans in conjunction with subordinate managing body.
  • Ensures the on schedule and appropriate production in consideration with cost aspects, quality requirements and customer demands. Develops production instructions and production schedules. Verifies shift reports to locate trends, deviations and disorders. Decides on actions in case of significant interferences. Support customer audits in production area.
  • Initiates and supports the systematic process of local problem solving. Checks production reports/ figures/ other numerical data, to identify trends, deviations and disorders. Develops measures and submits proposals to improve the working and production processes as well as to improve manufacturing equipment and tooling. Regular exchange of development measures between central engineering and competence center.
  • Leads projects or participates in projects (nature of projects, duties of position incumbent in the project). Maintains his/her knowledge in his/her functional area up to date by constant training.
  • Informs about new technological developments. Submits proposals to improve manufacturing facilities. Executes and examines the testing of new pilot facilities/equipment and new manufacturing methods. Decides on the implementation of new methods as well as the use and purchase of new production facilities.
  • Perform daily tours in the production and act in case of deviation. Leads, promotes, and motivates the employees within his/her area of responsibility (especially performance appraisal and goal setting agreement, successor and representative planning, personnel development and training measures).
  • Ensures adherence to and monitoring of legal laws and internal regulations concerning IMSU/EHS in his/her organizational unit and is occasionally involved in the development of new concepts and directives in close corperation with the IMSU/EHS site advisor. Ensures implementation of the concepts in his/her area of responsibility and takes care of the corresponding instruction and training of his/her employees.
  • Designs processes according to the principle of Lean Manufacturing and ensures that these are executed and observed in his or her organizational unit. Makes sure that the manufacturing environment fully understands the idea behind Lean Manufacturing and registers employees for training courses and/or activities aimed at refreshing skills. Sees to it that company standards are applied in the area of Lean Manufacturing when new personnel are hired and with transfers. Informs himself or herself of the current training offerings on a regular basis.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

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Production Leader

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Human Matrix Kft.
Human Matrix Kft.
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