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                    [leiras] => We’re looking for a talented front-end developer to help design and implement interface components for web properties. The ideal candidate loves tackling hard problems creatively and has proven cross-disciplinary experience. The skill set of the successful candidate should be always growing as the web evolves – following new tools, techniques and technology trends to actively influence the company’s capabilities. Has worked in a similar capacity and has excellent communication skills, with a keen eye on the trends, and expert-level knowledge of the various technologies needed to achieve group goals.

This is a pure web engineering position, but an eye towards design, customer experience and performance are desired. This role has extensive collaboration with the outstanding design- and analytics team members. The successful candidate should also possess a willingness to learn and work cross functionally with different parts of the business.

Duties and responsibilities:

– Build and maintain scalable and reliable web properties for eCommerce experiences.
– Coach and mentor through code reviews, mock projects, and tutelage.
– Evangelize best practices, both across and within the discipline.
– Testing software code before releases, including unit, integration, and regression testing.
– Facilitate exchange of ideas between developers.
– Contribute to the team’s future by keeping eye on emerging technologies and how they may affect the company.
– Participate in brainstorm and feedback sessions to gather input to apply rapid changes.


– BS degree in computer science or related engineering discipline or equivalent professional experience.
– At least 5 years of Web Development experience.
– Expertise with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Must be immersed enough in these technologies to have philosophies about the organizing and structuring of client-side code.
– Experience building user interfaces utilizing ReactJS/AngularJS or an equivalent Javascript framework.
– Experience architecting state management solutions for client-side applications using frameworks such as MobX or Redux.
– Experience with OAuth, REST and SOAP protocols
– Competency with Git or other source control technologies.
– Solid understanding of web application architecture, object-oriented software, and design patterns.
– High attention to detail, excellent organization skills and efficient problem solver.
– Demonstrated sense of web design and attuned to the fundamentals of user experience, including accessibility.
– Professional, highly self-motivated and able to thrive in a multi-task environment while adhering to strict deadlines.
– Experience with communicating to all levels of users (internal and external), demonstrated problem-solving skills, adaptable, proactive and willing to take ownership

What extra you will get

– Development of world-class software products with Research and Development Centers in Hungary and HQ in Boston
– Professional days to introduce your most unique, innovative ideas
– Improve your knowledge: attend workshops, conferences, trainings, meetups
– Highly competitive remuneration packages in international comparison
– Free e-books and interactive English courses
– Office located in the middle of the Budapest
– Bike and longboard friendly office with “Bring Your Pet to Work” days

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